UB in the News


Victoria Wolcott wrote an op-ed article for the New York Daily News discussing how recent incidents of violence against African Americans highlight two related historical phenomena that structure American race relations.


Kathryn Bryk Friedman wrote an article in The Hill about reopening the Canadian border in a responsible way.


An article in Best Life featured Shira Gabriel about how watching television, among other activities, can help fulfill certain social needs.


Cristian Tiu shared his expertise with WalletHub for a series on how consumers can find the best credit cards for their needs. 


Newsweek featured Bruce Troen in an article on the role vitamin D plays in fighting the coronavirus. 


USA Today interviewed Annahita Ball in a story with tips for online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


An article on AARP rquoted Thomas Russo how drive-in theaters could be a safe choice for entertainment this summer despite the COVID-19 outbreak.


A story in SELF quotes Kenneth Leonard on how to know if you’re drinking too much while staying home during the pandemic. 


The Wall Street Journal interviewed Jerry Newman about how companies may end bonus pay for hourly employees now that states are lifting COVID-19 emergency orders, while other larger companies are continuing to offer such pay. 


ABC News quoted Henry Louis Taylor, Jr., in a report on the looming rise in mass evictions in low- and middle-income communities.

UB faculty frequently offer expert perspectives on issues that are part of the current public discourse, including ones that may be perceived as controversial. It is our belief—and at the core of UB’s academic mission—that constructive, thoughtful dialogue fosters a better understanding of our world. Thus, we openly share these perspectives.